A dead Sun 2016



... when the day is over...

Feel the warm air enjoy the bright colors,

darkness is over and so is the cold.

New days of light and of beauty are waiting,

powerful growing in spring summer gold.


Bumblebees surring, grey parachutes fly,

bird´s sounds and voices, a little child cry.

Girls wear bikinis, their grandmother´s don´t,

do you your sunshade, the grandmother´s won´t.


You with your blond hair have lit me at once,

lightened moments, while time did advance,

was it endarkened throughout a glance?

Warmth in their hearts make two sunlovers dance.


The sun is now sinking, a magical game.

All sky is covered in red burning flame.

Fireball vanishing deep in the sky,

no further daylight and no further cry.


Leaving my nightshift, awakening far,

I see the rays shine, like them as they are.

The morning will bring expectations me soon,

the sun is now cold. Forever noon.




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