Serenity's Serenade



A klutz in a kaleidoscope

 The contrast of treeline in twilight is stark.

The sun passed means time for the fireflies spark.

Each eve in the forest just before it gets dark

I perceive she implores us to "come stroll the park".


 Nearer the nighthawk, owl and whip-or-will

I can clearly hear deer talk, when the wind becomes still.

If a star should then fall, SpLaShInG! sparkle and thrill,

is she calling us all to come chat, chuckle and chill?


 Wishing not to intrude, I tread ever so light...

shifting stealthy and shrewd, like a stalker at night...

It's not that I've viewed some unique sight...

My night visions' skewed and me running's a fright.


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