Vacation with Work on your Mind



A battle for the mind on vacation — workplace worry vs lifetime memory

You have argued and battled, you’re tired and rattled,

You feel so underappreciated,

You prefer to keep peace, but squeaky wheels get the grease,

You need time off, but it’s complicated,


Another night spent awake, you clearly need a break,

But can you really afford to unwind?

Can the happy advance?  Learn this new leisure dance,

Called “Vacation with work on your mind”,


Fall asleep next to the open email glare,

Reach for a security badge that isn’t there,

Fume over an earlier impropriety,

Enjoy your work separation anxiety,


Vacation, rise and shine!  Gonna take back your time,

You are free of commitments this week,

But you can’t shake that dread, all those fears in your head,

You’ll just login and take a quick peek,


Enjoy a morning hike, evening ride on your bike,

Filling your time with fun things to do,

The joys quickly drown, damn this time-off countdown,

It just started!  How’s it now halfway through?


Keep a secret return-to-work, to-do list,

Obsess over a feud that doesn’t really exist,

Miss the sunset while you focus on an office jerk,

Battle a nasty case of separation from work


Live up days remaining, worry is so draining,

Must your work always impact your mood?

This job is a sentence, your mid-life repentance,

You’ve used up all the days you accrued,


Hard to come back refreshed, when you feel so enmeshed,

In a web that both feeds and exhausts,

So try hard not to think, have at least one more drink,

And avoid thoughts of work at all costs!


Feel nerves about meetings held while you’re gone,

Bury all the angst and hope you didn’t let on,

Steady yourself on a crooked foundation,

Tout your holiday cure for work separation.

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