I promise to YOU



/ poetry

Across the morning sky, I wrote it for your eyes only, to ask you for your hand, your love, your thoughts, until the end of time. My love.



   I promise to YOU,

                                   I promise to protect, to cherish, to honor,

                  I promise to be the dew in the morning that kisses the rose.

                  I promise to be the thunder that accompany the lightening, in a storm,

                  I promise to be the sun, that touches your face,

                  I promise to be the stars to guide you in the night,                                   

                  I promise to be all seasons, the spring, the summer, the autumn, the winter,

                  I promise to be true to you,

                  I promise to never, put others before you, never lied to you;

                  I promise, I promise, I promise to love you, forever my love.

                                                      I promise to you... 

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