Hopeless Heart



This poem is dedicated to the people I know and the people I do not know. I know not what troubles or fears may touch your heart in the years ahead but always know that their is someone who cares and will never let you down!

Look around you,

What do you see?

Surely it affects you

Unless your heart is empty!

See the pregnant teenager,

Desperately trying to hide?

For she is scared

No one will be by her side!

See the young toddler

Crying so many tears!

Who knows what cruelty will ruin

So many of his youthful years!

See the store owner,

Locking his shop.

Valuables are not safe,

Even from a cop!

See the millions of souls?

Listen carefully and you will hear,

The whisper and plead for someone

To take away their fear!

I see these things everyday!

The truth makes me cry.

For even in death

Peacefully you cannot lie!

I see that the ones who believe,

Become fewer and farther apart!

However, let's all bond together

Let's put hope into a hopeless heart!!

Written By: Jessica Lynn


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