A ramble past midnight



18/11/2016 I allowed my mind to wander and wrote about exploration, duty and freedom

Building within the fences,

pushing up against the boundaries,

aching for the wide open spaces. 

The air, so much freer there,

my step infinitely lighter,

my muscles incomparably looser. 


Then I am here,

writing for you on this forum, 

my mental feet dangling and kicking

over the low walls of this horizon. 

Here I am out on the periphery

no information clouds to obscure my vision,

my view is commanding, I am god-like. 

Here am I, pure and undiluted in thought and person,

preeminently available. 


I reach out to touch you,

this word, this nuance, this spectral presence

just -right-

and you crumple like paper,

folding gratefully against the safety of my mind,

held soundly in the loving embrace of my word. 


I feel like home, like a favourite blanket,

like an old comfortable jacket

worn and stretched in just the right places,

warm and snug and durable. 

Reliable. That's me. 


I am tempted to failure, just to try it on,

to see what would happen if my fingers

lacked the power to catch your falling star. 


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