Diamond Eyed Boy



I whisper these desires of love and passion to the one I'm head over feet for. I'm so overwhelmed with love and emotion for this one guy, that I just needed to get it out before my veins started to leak. Will be feat. in the Greatest Hits Book out sometime this year or early 2018.

With a shaved side and 

diamond filled eyes, you 

mesmerised me in a way I've 

never been before. 

Oh, how I want to reset the clock

and collect all the time I lost before you. 

I drown in your consciousness every night

before I fall asleep;

forever hypnotised and paining for the delicate,

yet piercing blue of your eyes. 

I want your soft, pale arms wrapped around me so 

that I can fall into a slumber unburdened by nightmares

and terrors.

I want to feel your warm breath on the back of my neck

as you snuggle closer.

I want the smoothness of my legs to collide with the furriness 

of yours.

I'll wrap your hand in mine and in vein, wish that this moment

will never end. 
The sadness and shame melts away whenever I think of your 

angelic beauty and nature. 

I want to wrap you in my passion and desire, 

protecting you from the frigid and cruelty of this world's nature.


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