Because it only takes one ray of sunshine to change your outlook..



To write was to grieve,

To yearn, to relieve,

The aches of the day

And help the tears fall away.

To write was recovery,

My own private therapy,

A form of exorcism

And my coping mechanism.


Whilst choking on my screams

I would replay the sad scenes,

And with a sword for a pen

I would open wounds again.


Until You.

You light up my pages

Like you light up my life.


To write is to express

My blissful meltiness.

To capture my deep gratitude

And explore this brand new attitude.

I'm inspired by my smile

To write in this new style.

No more sad black days ahead,

But technicolor joy instead.


With the depth we've found together,

My pen is light as a feather.

I no longer hold a sword,

And joy is my reward.

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