The Great Whore



the moments when the vastness of creation,the singularity of our existence and the commonality of our destiny as a race in this little corner of the universe comes crushing into your skull sloshing around your head like ice cubes into a glass of the finest brandy and you cant help but capture a bit.

The Great Whore

Yonder across the sky my
Spirit haunts
Like tinder and fire from
The heart of the earth
The seas of heaven billow
On my brow
Eternal waves of warmth and ice
Plunge my vision
Into an infinite abyss
I ride the roar of Time's expanse
Beyond hope and tomorrow and the
Measure of men

There is a winter storm riding
A solar wind
Cataclysmic chaos and order
On a grand majestic scale
A tsunami of galaxies and an eruption
Of brown and yellow and red stars

So this muse draws the chariot
Of Helios into the deep
Trapping all of his radiance
For the sport of a deranged Medusa

There is a din and much clashing and calling
For the souls of men are lost
In a land of the visceral and immediate
Souls imprisoned in memory of sin
And doubt and regret
Dreams betrayed, delayed, denied,
Crushed, possessed only to reincarnate
In the ever flowing consciousness
Of the forgotten, the neutered

Again Time has corralled
The doom of men in this
Infinite sphere straddling
Like the intertwined yin and yang
Like faith and doubt
Like forever and yesterday
Encompassing all

Passion may yet preempt
The dictatorship of this primal
She will take hostage the collective
Will of our race even as our
Hearts beat to her rhythm
Time is the Pinochet, Nguema, Kim Yong
Of the scheme of things
Immovable, stoic, patient
Like the statue of Dedan Kimathi
Or the likeness of David
That freezing of a moment is
All the quarter she allows

There is a rage under my feet
In the bones of the earth
The air stirs tortured
For naught I say
The blind are gatekeepers
Cymbals and trumpets may blare
Trombones and the lilt of Bach
But no light can illuminate
This primeval dark

She remains unmoved
Her divinity wrapped around
The graves of their salvation
In the cemetery of accursed men
Like the queen of Babel
She scatters our prayers and endeavors
To the four dimensions
To the seven gates of hell
And the portal carved for demons

She is the great whore who made
Hearts of men her dominion
Their dreams her forbidden forest
Pinned all their squirming and striving
On the cusp of her hallowed seconds
Drove her flowing volcano onto each
Clutching cruelly onto the dripping
She laid an ambush for all the
Swallowing all their time with the
Talents of a daughter of Babylon

                           Silvanos Ogalo

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