“Bare with me”,said the lion of language.Lying when he said this was easy.As easy as lying on a bed,with your favourite teddy bear.With the bare minimum of effort,I could pay for a change,left with change, for sweets.Minute mind was broke...

“Bare with me”,
said the lion of language.
Lying when he said this was easy.
As easy as lying on a bed,
with your favourite teddy bear.
With the bare minimum of effort,
I could pay for a change,
left with change, for sweets.
Minute mind was broken for a minute,
sure it was right.
I’d been given the right,
to obey every step,
of your complex step ball change.
I slipped, stuttered,
stumbled down the steps of speaking.
“Bear with me”,
said the bear to the lion.
“I’ve barely been here a minute.”

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