mons veneris...(to be continued)



A poem of love immutable...

my inamorata
lilting lady lingua
titillating lupa
lie of our omerta

almond-eyed heartland girl
whether fair or may rain
together promenade
leather lace so fate made

forswear all other peer
nor some one other's fondle
for one another's fond
lovers one loveling dear

beloved sui generis
close at hand i true tend
hand-in-hand by two 'scend
sea of mons veneris

mother of pearls
rivulets distinguish
scilicet accomplished
pearl of mothers

my woman's fragrant earth
by no man's flagrant dearth
i stand poised to furrow
my trojan horse thorough

fertile field
for me steed
enter in
to beseed
let her inn
fervid yield

frau godiva thrones
her strong sleek mount
there strides my stallion bare
a cheval
where hides your fleuron mare
his charger devout
prow oden knows

elle est belle
chiffon décolleté
negligée gives away
soon lay déshabillé
papillon échappé
est-elle pas

searching goddess fire
skirting neath her sundress find
che vestito grazioso
fury teases herr spellbound
sur'ly secrets ner tell loud

lets me wand
into eves garden trim
imbue flower's posy
pick eden's wanton sin
lick her fruit so rosy
whets me wond

whose mellifluous flow
fuels my prurient thirst
sussurrare tenerezza
muses aureole aglow
dew his lips nothing whisp

tippy wet dip of lips
til lovely's nectar snatch
trippy toe skinny slips
thrills honey's laden patch

breaths propose
primavera's pedals
seductive her repose
penetralia's pastels

my love in your love make
you and i

bliss mischance
mise en scene
naught of love
this bechance
primal scene
knot of love

feel its wave
rising up before us
tis our coitus
passions wake

i pull you to me near
so our kiss still nearer
no less too be closer
eye full two do see peer
peaking peared spheres appear

kissing fingers frenching
tangoing tongues tangling
so two speak

per posing whish full lips
pause for glance
her knolling grace full hips
cause for prance

(to be continued)

friedrich manfred simon – kaput gerat lupinum – 29.09.13
dichter – denker – dreher

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