Avian Troubadour



I was laying in bed late one night, and I could hear a bird singing somewhere outside my window. I wondered why it chose that particular melody and for what, or whom, was it singing. For those of us who at times toss and turn on our beds, perhaps?

I hear a songbird singing tonight
I wonder who will hear it's song?
For whom was this melody written?
For those who lie awake this night so long?

Their eyes open while the world slumbers
Ears attuned to the notes being sung
Free from noise and distraction they listen
In this darkened theater void of the sun

In the stillness they hear the melody
In the stillness they hear it sung
It is the song of the midnight hour
That breaks the curse for some

Unlike others that have been written
Is this song of the night
Breaking off shackles and fetters
From lonely tormented minds

For thoughts held captive by despair
And hopes and dreams almost gone
A song of hope penetrates the night sky
Every note calls forth the dawn

Sing avian troubadour sing
With your voice push back the night
For those in need of comfort
Before the break of daylight

Avian Troubadour © 2014 by Kris Peterson.  All rights reserved.

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