Look at the stars



Look at the starsAt dawn you saidI stepped out gingerlyInto the crystal grassMy bare feet tinglingWith the heat of frosty coldAnd stood beneath theTwinkling canopyA luminescent morning shell ofOyster greyThe grandest jewelsOf the nightStill glitterin...

Look at the stars
At dawn you said
I stepped out gingerly
Into the crystal grass
My bare feet tingling
With the heat of frosty cold
And stood beneath the
Twinkling canopy
A luminescent morning shell of
Oyster grey
The grandest jewels
Of the night
Still glittering on
Long after all the other
Party guests had gone
You said to look for Jupiter
And Sirius
Orion and the moon
I found them all still orbiting
The ball
His majesty and court
Were dancing one last waltz
I couldn’t name them all
To call out gratitude
But finally
That one elusive star
I’d searched the sky
For every childhood night
I found to be a morning star
And there it was
The second to the right
And though it beckoned me
With fairy dust to
Fly away
I stayed below
With chilly toes and gazed
With grounded wonder
At the breaking
Silver dawn
And watched the sun pour in
With liquid gold to
Sweep the moon and stars
Off dancing feet
And cast her aura wide and down
On frosted lawn
I raised my arms up to absorb
Her goddess glow
And flew in place
With heart and spirit soaring
In the pure and honest
Morning grace

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