When time flies....



When time flies....

When you trip over your luck,

And its time you have to let go..

When you thought way too much,

But are still feeling low..

When there isn’t enough to speak

Or your words are not known

When you spill cynically,

But they are yet unknown

When it’s the edge of the point

And you are still incomplete

When the journey you soaked

Measures only defeat…

When a maiden’s hearty broke

And she lay in wonder

When her broken pieces

Only ached for an answer

When time passed by

It was time to leave

When she crossed the aisle,

There was nothing left to believe..

When a memoir kept filling

Only tears in her eyes…

When she walked away

Only etching the ties..

When a word said then

She could never forget

When it only gave guilt

She lay full of regret…!

When she wished nothing happened

But how would love arise..?

While a needle of the clock,

Shows only how time flies…

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