Where Namazu Earns a Masters in SpLaShEs!



A jaunty, nautical naughty shanty

Taught by typhoons, just buffoons to me.

Mentored by monsoons at Grinning Goon Academy.

Gale force is a great source of my coarse comedy

and a squall makes them all seem small in my sea.


I use earthquakes to make shakes and my martini

and hurricanes to remove stains from Bimini and Bikini.

I route a waterspout to swim above the sea freely.

I blow my nose and tornadoes go, like this prose so unwieldy.


Atmospheric disturbance runs in my family.

Each isobaric occurrence is wholly hereditary.

My six story tsunami is a very scary rarity.

But worse, is the cursed verse in my airy bubble or three.



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