A piece written in response to the playground insults from a recent Prime Ministers Questions in the UK


this grudging respect is due

to you

and how you keep us


so we cannot cut

such cloth

and so you

can mock


"put on a proper suit"


so tell me Mr Cameron

what is

"a proper suit"?

we seem to have this wrong

we seem to be confused

and doffed cap respect is due

i always assumed

the spice

of this British life

was built on silk routes

and the like

or has this sceptic isle

now changed its tune

come whetted whistle and flute

sharp barbed


by the Bullingdon crew

hard now

for social mobility

to move


so tell me my Lord Cameron

what is

"a proper suit"

i take it from your speech

it isn't talking Italian

with Robert De Niro calling

not Armani or Versace

you must find them galling

coming over here

doing their do

making us look like you

a hammer blow

to Savile Row

have Jermyn Street

in retreat

just to upset you


so tell me Uncle Cameron

what is

"a proper suit"

i take it

it isn't birthday

lest you are born with silver spoon

and spoiled spoils

of empire

foetid kept all for you

and the ties in blue

blooded on hunts

and holding the yoke

i take it

we are talking

tailored bespoke

dear Emperor

but your clothes to me

just like your arguments

are fables



and crude

shame on you


so tell me Fuhrer Cameron

what is

"a proper suit"

it isn't ever off the peg

i assume

the barrier to entry

molestations of inside leg

or fitting fittings

maketh men

so respect is due

for the way you make a uniform

for the destitute

"Makes them easier to spot"

say the boys in blue

"God forbid they could afford

a proper suit

and they looked like me and you"



Rick Dove (c) 2016

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