Thoughts on space, after watching a Professor Brian Cox lecture.



If I; with Hubble’s patient eye could gaze, into the deep beyond.

Past the stars we see, to pull aside that curtain of darkest black.

What wonders I imagine, wait to reveal themselves to me?

Only then, to still my voice, have me sit in silent awe.

And, if a vision beyond words, fortune where to unveil.

Then; in all honesty, there it would it have to stay.

Unless of course, a Shakespeare should happen along,

to lend a quill or a few chosen words.

Maybe then I would try my hand at a sonnet, perhaps a song.

Still, here I stand on dirt, above, below, amid.

The Milky-Way and other such things

I try, but fail to comprehend.

And so, I like to let myself, imagine if I could.

With Hubble’s patient eye, I could gaze,

Into that deep beyond.



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