a deadly plague

Dusk moulds a shadow over my shrunken soul

My reflection no longer a face I recognize

Eyes haunted, cheeks shallow, deathly pale

Tears vanquished, dried like a wilted prune

Gone is my zest, apathy prevails

A spectral wind whistles a soft melancholy song

Carrying the emptiness of a world that no longer speaks

A deadly plague, airborne and unyielding

Sucking life dry, an unseen vampire

Death to all creatures, from man down to gnat

Is this God's vengeance, Mother Nature's spring clean?

Leaving me as one, friendless and immune

The last living animal to face the emptiness

Even the stench of death lingers no more

Ten years since the world's heart stopped beating

A decade of solitary confinement

What I'd give to hear a bird sing

The sound of a car horn

Even a child cry

Things I took for granted

Things I now crave like a hard-hitting drug

I look to the heavens

And will me a thought

Why me?

Silence is the answer

I must sleep

Tomorrow is another day



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