The river where I love



Thank you Jan Shepard (A A Anderson) for the reminder of this piece.

 The river where I live still spills loud and clean.

Rare birds, great mammals and brook trout are seen.

The Earth stays unhurt, forests glowing pristine

and their worth, I'll assert, is for us knowing serene.


 My worst fear was fire, now a higher dread rises.

Cursed corps have conspired in desire that terrorizes.

Warped visions to acquire at a price life despises

in sordid missions so dire, they aspire to our demises!


 The river where I love, still spills loud and clean.

I shiver in fear, their spills kill what's not seen.

The slaughter of woods and water is the breath of these obscene

petrol profiters, rapers of Nature and their greedy, death leaking machine.


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