Think About It



Think about your actions!

Think About It!!


One Sunny evening

in bed a child lay

Oh how much fun it would be

if he could go out and play.


He would love to feel

the warm summer air.

He would ride his bicycle

and give the birds in the road a scare.


He would pick for his mother

the most beautiful flower

and maybe after playing in the dirt

take a long refreshing shower.


If only the shooter

had realized

an innocent child

was about to be paralyzed.


If only the shooter

could have seen the child's eyes,

Seen in them the innocence and love

That never hold's despise.


Before committing a crime

think of who the victim will be

and think of

where you would spend eternity!


Think about the child

who sheds a tear,

because in his heart now

all he holds is fear!


Think of what you would do,

Had this been someone you love,

and how would you ask for

fogiveness from the one above?


Just think about it!

If in one split moment you were to die,

Where would you want

your soul to lie?


Would it be heaven

and the big pearly gates?

Or hell with the fire and agony?

Please open your eyes before its too late!



You are a mere human

It is not your decision to make!!

It is not your right to choose when

It is time to give or take!


So let that soul

live a little longer,

and let the triumphs over evil

Become a little Stronger!!


Written By: Jessica Lynn

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