Social Networking



This poem is about the impact of social media on our ability to establish meaningful connections. It short: I'm writing about pretenses.

It all starts with "Hi"
Cutting through awkward silences
Melting frozen smiles
And maxed out discover cards
Created by endless rendez-vous’

Real smiles are its own currency.

To your credit
You really just wanted to talk 
To Somebody
A warm body 
Cool to touch
Just pleasant enough.

Pleasantries burn 
Overworked and empty
Another sterile party
Another transparent friend
Another un-friendly ghost 
To top off the hollowness of eves.

Blessed are the poor in spirit
Sainthood for endurance 
Top marks for restraint 
Knighthood for courtesy 
A purple heart for social valor

You came 
You saw 
You conquered
Another night 
of social networking



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