The structure of The Cry of the Name is based upon the I Ching as it relates to the Western temple. Each stanza consists of three hexagrams to make 18 lines and 18 is the number for chai, Hebrew for “life” in gematria or numerology. Yin is tetrameter and Yang is pentameter.


O come with me to Nasidiyah’s1 song,

To Night of Nights before the starry dance,

To where P’tah the Opener2 observed

In Understanding, 3 without planted feet

The whirlings of Eurynome’s desire

And, with the North Wind, gather Fire.


As black on black4 the Serpent coiled,

Dimensions hid away inside,

And burst asunder with the cry of birth;

Androgynos Elyon5 a sweet

Aroma smelled and blessed the Woman’s work,

Uniting with the light beneath.


The Alchemist Briatic order6 set

And hung amid the afterbirth a hope

Within each star that coalesced in life;

Observers in an atmosphere would rise

And echo back in prayer the Name She took,

The Sacred Dove, who cried at dawn, “Yahu!7



Beneath the covenant the Godhead cut, 8

And Fire that passed between the parts, 9

The Word, divided, 10 made a greater Being.

So El11 divided yet again

The waters into deep tectonic troughs:

A mikveh12 where the severed Word may bless.




A Name reverberated in

The gathering of whitecaps high:

“A Tetragrammaton of gods13

Is One, a Tetragrammaton for all;”

And all, remembering the ocean’s call,

Together wove a womb from which they sprang.


So in their birth the Godhead smiled

And blessed the land where children go:

Tahor, 14 tamim15 in innocence,

Neshamot16 turned from suffocation there.

Through Balances a Pentagram upheld,

The Highest Spirit, triple yudhs aflamed.



As Urim, so with Thummim17changed

The Silver Frame where Golds adorn a Tree: 18

The evil burnt, and One devoted Heart

Was captured,free to walk the upper paths

In contemplation of the Source Who cloaked

In darkness Light beyond the brilliant Crown.19


What forest hid? 20 What bramble would

Conceal a Flaming Sword in martial flame?

They raised their branches, praising Elohim

Gibor, 21 and bowed their leaves to Tzadqiel, 22

Who brought in Strength the waters clean

To thirsty hearts in wildernesses scour’d.


For life can’t live without the dry and wet;

No frame, no act, no force, nor being can be,

No Tree, no Man, no Mystery,

No transference of Light beneath,

And no communion in Supernal Mind

May reach to caverns buried deep.




Then, Wonder of all Hearts,a Prince,

Desire of Dreams,a Hierophant23

Of Luminaries loved the One

Intelligence, a Sun beyond a sun;

And with the Lingam, 24 Yoni25 dwelt

In consecrated essence,timeless beat.


An Ethic closed completely there; 26

The Honeybees27 with wings a-whir

Began to spin their filaments to give

A flux of energy the Logos28 spoke.

He could not help but persevere because

A Bride would grow to wed in time.


So suffered Anahata29 this

For Her, an Atlas bending low

Preserving those He holds so dear;

Obeying this held high the honeycomb.

Then sons of Ben-Yamin30 may kneel

In Eden’s Eye31once more to bless.



Then from the Apsu32voices sprang,

And Annunaki33passions burned

In Fire as little waters cooked;

And swarms delighted in the menstrual hearth.

The rivulets fed larger streams of Love,

And love returned: a Chalice for the Blade.


The Waters answered from above.

Raqia’s34 heavenly expanse began

To drop as dew the water with the fire;

And swarms began with outstretched wings to mount,

And kiss the face of heaven for the course

Of liberty that multiplied.



So sky and sea, abundant, knew

The torches burning in the heart

Of Spirit: Love that seeks to reconcile

What otherwise cannot; and Nechushtan35

Entwined the Leviathans’36 might,

And saved the sphere when Ouboros37 consumed.



Another current ran through brassy dust, 38

Arose to fill with fish and fowl

And with the myelin multiply

The lights behind Maxilla’s39 plate.

So dreams a-haunted, thought took wing,

And conscience woke in screams and high intent.


The Ram of Heaven40thundered on

And Teli’s41 secrets whispered in

The ears of wiser beasts from anger tired.

A Virgin42 called them to a lucid dream

Of Life beyond their life of violence,

Quicksilver’s brew to teach Severity43.


Convicted, hung, inverted from

A Tree, great Odin44, contemplating, found

The Runes of wisdom deep within his heart.

A predatory pack resolved to try

The Shepherd’s Rod to lead its steps:

Herm-Aphrodite’s intellect. 45



Yashar46, the Righteous dreamed of Loves,

His best reflective generation47 first

While Whiteness48 as a sickle cut the Night;

His membrum49offered up primordial

Events that gathered up in Life:

The last, the Women, Men, and All Between.



As Understanding50 broke the sleep,

Davar51, within the Lovers’ whispers stirred

On coilings of the Sacral Snake52,

Not one has seen but sometimes felt;

Each gender helped the opposite

In perfect dreams of Magick Light.


Enriched, the Serpent rose within,

Her astral flight53 confirmed Nefesh, 54

Elect to realize God above:

Yahu!  The Name the Sacred Beckoner,

Enamored in the prayers of Lovers joined,

Heroic hymns unto Agla55.



So densely coalesced the Dream of Light

That manifested Briah’s covenant,

The Most High contemplated joy.

For vessels did not shatter56 from

The Dream in its own heaviness,

But multiplied in fruitfulness.57


For Elements in balance danced

Within a Kingdom58 sphere of rest

To raise a Bride from drops of blood

In sand beneath the Moon and Sun, 59

Between the Pillars, Earth to Sky, 60

To smile and pray beneath His feet.


In beauty Navah61 called to Adonai

In lamentation, offering,

She praised the Seven Lights within

The crystal flashes of the rocks that grew

In treasure-caverns’ sacred springs

And fiery streams refining breaths of gold.62




Hermaphrodite, 63 exalted high

With hyssop washed from Earth to Sky

On Sacred Rivers held Shu’s Pillars strong.

The perfect Adam sacrificed

In joy before the dream took form

And names reflected One good Name.


For Wisdom made Foundation’s Man, 64

And Adam, clods of Earth for blood, 65

A male, a female, in Delights

To cry the Name, Yahu! Beloved

Of Man, abundance in a pot

Of Earth, its substance full of song.


And from the pot a sacrifice would stir,

Chavah the Black, 66 a persecuted Job,

Yet offered praises in Severity

While, from the Chiah ,67Yachin68 blessed with Love

As One who died (yet never more alive)

Brought union between Parent, Prince, and Bride.



Within the Godhead’s Dream the Man

Conceived a dream, a circling,

Of form and motion of the Lamp,

A Fire of Sacred Magick Light and Life,

An Odic Force69 concealed in sacral font

Uncoiled and sprang, 70ecstatic vision swirled.


Giel 71of Gemini, embarrassed, hid

Her face in horror; sand would prophesy

That drops of sorrow, blood, and flame must pool.

A woman of the Serpent Line attacked

And played upon the Odic Force awhile

While Fomahault 72set, blushing red.




For Samael 73 and Lilith, joined their hearts,

Concealed rebellion Godhead knew must be.

The Concubine, enraptured grew,

Emboldened in the Adam’s brains

To feel mentruata so Gamaliel74

Could wall up heathen sciences.



“My cauldron full of dreams is ready now.

O come, my sweet hermaphrodite

With dragon’s blood like thine, Chesed75to join

Red earth, tameh, 76 a sexuality

To face the pain, ferment, and Lunar sea,

And Solar heat perfections reach.”


Within the dream the citadel

Set beacon fires within to warn

This truth was not the True Dream’s innocence.

In prayer the dream unraveled like

The rope with knots that slipped within the hands

Of One eternal Liberator Being.


With gasps for God the Adam burst

From dream to Dream with weeping ecstasy.

Yoel, 77 the Virgin’s angel ministered

And held Lilith a prisoner,

Denied the high place, gift and sacrifice,

And opened there the gates of Man.




The One, All-Knowing, overseeing Dreams,

Protected Adam from his thought form with

Oblivion, a sleep to cut

The male, the female, side from side to breathe

A greater breath when face to face,

Yechidot, 78 two communing to commune.



So Samael invoked an Ophion,

Lilith of Mud, Eurynome,

Without Neshamah, gave her heart

To dragon wings, the serpent, and the wise.79

The Screech Owl80 cried, “Belov’d!” and turned to set

Her jealous eyes on Adam’s place.


The snake beguiled the female Adam’s thoughts,

Corrupting thus the Dream of God

And seal with bites of fruit, or so she thought.

The serpent died and Yehi Or81

Burst forth in justice, haunting with the Light

And Flaming Sword82 when Venus83 set.




The Queen of Shells conceived upon the Sons

Of Man a terrible consuming plot,

In secret hours laying by

Her prey, the city-builder tilling mud.

She there seduced the race of Qain84 and broke

The altar hidden on the heart.


Upon the dolmen’s85 hole he fixed his thoughts

And found the night more comforting.

Makhon86dropped dews to make his palate moist.

He seized upon the nightmare’s force,

Departed from the covenant he cut,

And turned his eye upon the innocent.


His blood rejected, there he built the wall

For be-ing, inauthentic, bowed the neck

And broke his brother’s in a rage.

Luluwa 87wailed in agony,

Submitting to the heathen criminal

And falling under brethren’s spells.



Yehewid 88 intervened for Adam’s race.

He called upon the Name disbursed in time

And space to act from understanding mixed

With might above, the Shem’phoresch.89

The Lovers answered Love in Set, 90

Awakening mankind to join the Call.


Lilith, before she lost fecundity,

Decided that the Name must fail:

Yahu! My El she’d curse at dawn

And terrorize the mother with

A burning, darkness cloaking majesty

Without a Ram, 91 a terminus.


So gathered there the beast and bear to strike

But then the Godhead gave a voice to cry

The Name at dawn to thwart Lilith’s device:

Yahu!” She cried before Lilith.

So gathered Set’s assembly to her nest:

The Dove who cried the Name of God.




Complacency replaced the children’s rites

And left the Sacred Dove to cry alone.

Chanokh, Enosh, 92what difference between

Their lines if both neglect the times of prayer?

The Godhead wept, the fountain died,

Balé, 93 destroyer, crouched in wait.


Lilith, seducer, raped the Adam’s race;

Familiar spirits, daughters born

Became the lovers of the priests.

A thread of joy in Nefilim94

Declared alive the living thing

Without the Atman95 in the being.



But in a death a prophecy

Of mikveh tied to Lemekh’s Comforter96

Appealed to men with wood and spar97

To seal inside the Name Lilith

Desired to curse, but then escaped

Upon the wing of peace and innocence.



So Noach offeredsacrifice:

The nerve and sinew under Capricorn, 98

Amid the taunts of revelers and flies,

And raised his lamentation cry.

He shut within the chest He made,

The remnant of Neshamot’s citadels.


What vision, no, what sight the Comforter

Received between the Pillars great,

Initiating with the waves,

And birthing once again all living things!

The Holy Name upon the heart engraved

A world, ‘Assiyah, 99 bound in time we know.


So Briah secreted away

The Name within its nature when it fed

The fervor, giving Abbadon100

Ascendance to destroy the Nefilim.

But in the mikveh Light emerged

For generations hence to recreate.



The first of mornings stirred the Comforter,

Eli! Eli!101 the prayers arose,

And sending Odin’s bird to search,

A weary mother’s eyes looked up

With hope, but Odin offered no response.

She tested thus the archons’102 reticence.



Then father, mother joined their hearts to cry

Eli Yahu!103 and sent the Dove.

Then from the sea the one desired

Returned and bore the olive in her beak.

So meditated in their hearts

The Name of Comfort, Being on Earth.


The Alchemist Briatic order set,

Instilled within each second birth the Hope

Within each heart that celebrated Life;

Observers in our atmosphere would rise

And echo back in prayer the Name She took,

The Sacred Dove, who cried at dawn, “Yahu!



O meditative reader, supply the missing stanza from within yourself and begin to understand.





  1. Nasidiyah is the creation song of the Rig Veda whose description is analogous to the Pelasgian myth of Eurynome and Ophion.
  2. Ptah literally means, “Opener” and in the Egyptian pantheon is one whom all other gods fear and who opens all things to existence.  Some see Ptah as the same as I AM by metempsychosis.
  3. Reflecting Binah in the Kabbalistic order:  “And God said, ‘Let there be a firmament…’”
  4. The cosmic egg laid by Eurynome has been likened to a primordial black hole in another dimension and so neither that nor the Serpent Ophion offer substance or light, only forces.  Robert Graves in The Greek Myths offers a connection between Ophion and the Hermetic IAO, spoken of by others as the “Concourse of the Forces.”
  5. Androgynos Elyon:  Hebrew, “Most High Androgyne.”  In Kabbalah, the highest expression of the Divine Being is both male and female and yet neither.
  6. Briatic order is the order of creation.  While this part of the poem is primarily in the context of the natural formation in the context of ‘Assiyah, there is a point early in the formation of the universe in which the Briatic connection asserts itself in the form of the matrix of natural law.
  7. Yahu appears to have been the more primal form of what became the Tetragrammaton: YHVH.
  8. Elohim, commonly translated either as “gods” or “god” is herein translated “Godhead”, that is to say that the God of the noumenon may also express plurality in the phenomenal world.
  9. See Genesis 15.
  10. Milah: Hebrew, “word”.  Brit Milah, or “Covenant of Cutting” appeals to the act of creation by cutting, and therefore instead of “making a covenant,” we “cut a covenant.”
  11. El: Hebrew,God”
  12. Mikveh: Hebrew, “gathering”, also a ritual immersion conceptually introduced in Genesis 1:10 and is the Jewish predecessor of Christian baptism.
  13.  “Tetragrammaton of Gods” is “YHVH Elohim” in Hebrew, the Divine Name in Binah.
  14. Tahor:Hebrew,clean” or “rising into Light”.
  15. Tamim:Hebrew,perfect”, the root being tōm or “innocence”.
  16.  Neshamot: Hebrew, plural of Neshamah, the Super Soul as concerns the supernals of the ‘Etz Chayim.
  17. Hebrew: Urim and Thummim refer to the onyx stones worn on the shoulders of the High Priest for divining, corresponding Kabbalistically to Chesed and G’burah.
  18. See the Aesch Metzareph.  The Imperator, William Butler Yeats, described the ‘Etz Chayim similarly.
  19. Crown is Kether.
  20. G’burah corresponds to the verse, “Let the Earth be vegetated.”
  21. Elohim Gibor, Hebrew, “Mighty Godhead”
  22. Tzadqiel is the Archangel of Chesed
  23. A Heirophant is a priest who brings the Light.
  24. Lingam is the male essence.
  25. Yoni is the female essence.
  26. The ethical triangle is defined by Chesed, G’burah, and Tiferet.
  27. The mental plane, associated with the ethical triangle, is noted for the pervading sound of honeybees.
  28. Logos: Greek, “Word”.
  29. Anahata: Sanscrit, the Heart Chakra.
  30. Ben-Yamin: Hebrew, Son of the right hand (as pertaining to direction) or Son of the South.
  31. Eden’s Eye references the third eye or Ajña Chakra according to some Kabbalists.
  32. The Apsu is in Mesopotamian myth the sacred source of fresh water, and consequently springs marked holy places.
  33. Annunaki in Mesopotamian myth refer to the gods.
  34. Raqia: Hebrew, “expanse” of heaven.
  35. Nechushtan: Hebrew, the brazen serpent lifted up by Moses in the wilderness.
  36. Leviathan:  Hebrew, the great sea creature.  According to Talmudic literature, God slew the female of the species before they could destroy the world.
  37. Ouboros: From Alchemy, the serpent that eats its own tail.
  38. Hermaphroditic brass is alchemically associated with both Netzach and Hod.
  39. Maxilla, in anatomy, refers to the upper jawbone.
  40. The Ram of Heaven is Aries in both Astronomy and Astrology.
  41. Teli: Hebrew, “bola” or “dragon”, some believe this refers to the constellation Draco.
  42. Virgin, or Virgo is also associated with Isis.
  43. Hod is at the base of the Pillar of Severity.
  44. Odin is Mercury.
  45. Hod is associated with the beginnings of spirituality and intellect.
  46. Yashar: Hebrew, “straight ahead”
  47. Generation, or “dor” in Hebrew, also refers to an “age” or a “circle”.
  48. Whiteness is in Hebrew, “Levanah”.
  49. See Sefer Yetzirah 1:3.
  50. Understanding refers to Binah which also has a close relation to the 32nd path of the ‘Etz Chayim.
  51. Davar: Hebrew, “Word”.
  52. The Sacral Snake is Kundalini.
  53. Y’sod has its most direct association with astral projection.
  54. Nefesh: Hebrew, “soul” as pertains to the junction of breath (ruach) and body (guph) or earth (adamah) from which Adam was formed.
  55. Agla is a notarikon also used as a name for God,“Atah gibor l’olam, Adonai,”or “You are mighty for the world (or age), O my Lord.”
  56. Reference to Sheviot HaKkelim, or the “Shatterings of the Vessels.”
  57. “Be fruitful and multiply” corresponds to Malkhut.
  58. Kingdom is Malkhut.
  59. Malkhut is below Y’sod and Tiferet.
  60. Reference to the Pillars of Shu, also the Pillars of Mercy and Severity.
  61. Navah: Hebrew, “habitaculum”, or “ornament”.
  62. Breaths of gold in terms of inner alchemy.
  63. Adam in this context is Adam Kadmon and is considered to be primordially hermaphroditic in Kabbalist literature.
  64. Foundation’s Man is the terrestrial Adam formed in Genesis 2, and distinguished from Adam Kadmon.
  65. From clods of earth (adamah) we obtain blood (dam) and man (Adam)
  66. Chavah: Hebrew, “Eve” or “living”.  She is black because of her association with the Pillar of Severity.  See Song of Songs 1:5.
  67. Chiah is the part of the greater Neshamah associated with Chokhmah.
  68. Yachin refers to the Pillar of Mercy.
  69. Odic Force is the life force, also that which permits magickal proclivities.
  70. The action of Kundalini.
  71. The Angel of Gemini or “The Twins.”
  72. The four Kerubic stars are Regulus (Leo), Arcturus (Scorpio), Fomahault (Aquarius), and Aldebaran (Taurus).  Though Fomahault is today accounted as belonging to Pisces Australis, in ancient times, it was accounted as belonging to Aquarius.  Aquarius represents the highest order of humanity.
  73. Some associate Samael with Lucifer.
  74. Gamaliel is not the Jewish teacher but the Qlippot of Y’sod.
  75. Chesed is the sephirah of mercy.
  76. Tameh (tumah-feminine): Hebrew, “descent into darkness” and therefore “unclean”.
  77. Yoel is the angel of the constellation Virgo.
  78. Yechidot: Hebrew, plural of Yechidah, the highest aspect of the Neshamah and associated with Kether.
  79. The serpent before the Fall, according to some, had wings and legs like a dragon.
  80. “Screech Owl” is the literal translation of “Lilith” from Hebrew.
  81. Yehi Or: Hebrew, “Let there be Light.”
  82. See Genesis 3:24.  The Flaming Sword also defines the Hermetic path.
  83. Venus is also Heilal.  Let the reader judge for himself which morning star this concerns.
  84. Qain: Hebrew, “Cain”
  85. Dolmens dot the map of Europe and other areas around the Mediterranean.  They have special magickal associations, especially within the circles often hewn into one or more of their stones.
  86. Makhon is the heaven from which the treasuries of snow, of hail and the loft containing harmful dews, the chamber of whirlwind and storm, the cavern of noxious smoke, and the doors of which are made of fire as inferred from Deuteronomy 28:12 and I Kings 8:39, according to Kabbalist literature.
  87. Luluwa is the legendary wife of Cain.  See 2 Adam and Eve 1:1.
  88. Yehewid is God in Geburah of Binah.
  89. Shemhamphoresh is actually pronounced as written in the poem and refers to the 72-letter name of God.
  90. Set:  Hebrew, “Seth”, not the enemy of Osiris.
  91. The Ram has its Messianic association to the Christian and connects the primacy of the line of Abraham to the Jew.  See Genesis 22:13.
  92. Chanokh and Enosh were the sons of Qain and Set respectively.
  93. Balé: Chaldee, “he destroyed”, also a King of Edom. Let the worker of Water understand.
  94. Nefilim: Hebrew, “the fallen ones,” also the “giants” in Genesis 6:4.
  95. Atman is also the Neshamah or Super Soul.
  96. Lemekh’s Comforter is Noach, the builder of the ark.
  97. See Genesis 6:14
  98. Capricorn rules the tenth house, the house of occupation.
  99. ‘Assiyah is the last of the “Four Worlds” in Kabbalah, the World of Action.
  100. Abbadon is the hell of ChesedChesed is considered a watery sephirah.
  101. Eli! Eli!: Hebrew, “My God!  My God!” (Aramaic, Eloi! Eloi!) and was also the way Y’shua called upon the Father, sensing separation from God before he consummated His sacrifice.  Mark 15:34.
  102. Archons are the great intelligences in Gnosticism opposing humankind’s return to God.
  103. Eli Yahu!: Hebrew, “My God is Yahu!” is also the literal name for Elijah.


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