Passion Fruits



Juicy to the touch

After I pick you out from among-st the rest
I'm going to rush home to put you up to the test
Just wait till I  get inside you, 
matter of fact this is what I wanna do, to you,
I wanna reach your center, but before I enter,
I  wanna take my time pilling you from layer to layer, that's my weakness,
I hope you're all that I'd imagined, satisfy me as I'm tasting your sweetness,
Just from squeezing you tightly, I can tell this is going to be good,
Breaking off a piece of you then stuffing you in my mouth, I really would,
Then just like that a big explosion erupts in my mouth,
Yeah I know your life story, how you grew up and matured in the South,
You're the one for me, your ripeness,  and so soft to the touch,
When I didn't have you I craved you and missed you much,
With each little satisfying bite, your juiciness continues to overflow, 
Your sweetness runs down my soft lips and onto my chin, then down below,
Look at you, you've got me licking my finger tips and lips, wanting more,
next time I'm going to look for another one like you when I go to the store!
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