Southern Sky



an old man's final wish

Rolling hills coated in cotton wool white

Winter's gift on solstice eve

Southern sky painted a calming dark orange

As the day withers away

Intermittent gusts of wind, fickle and fresh

Blowing away the cobwebs of melancholy

Helping to fend off inconvenient thoughts

Barren landscape, open to the elements

Open to magic ... natural magic

Simple beauty that captures the soul

Unwrapping forgotten memories

A faint smile, neither happy nor sad

Somewhere in-between

Suddenly the sky talks to me

The imperious Southern sky

Whispering my name

Telling me that I have lived a good life

That I'm a good man

There's no need for tears

No need for regrets

Take pride in your achievements

You have done well

The Southern sky dims

The colour of ripe plums

I feel its power

Its great pulling

The past comes back

Like an incoming mist

My mind is clear, images vivid

I stood here as a child

On this very spot

Many moons ago

And I wished for a long and eventful life

I wanted to live forever

Such were my joys

My contentment

The Southern sky spoke to me then

The wind whispering in my ear

Granting me my wish

Now, as a centenarian

I'm beginning to wonder if magic is real

I want to let go

I want to fall asleep

I've had enough

I've seen all my loved ones come and go

Parents, wife, brothers and sisters

Even my children have passed on

Descending into the abyss

Leaving me as one

So hard to accept

So hard to take

The spectre of loneliness my only company

So I come here today

Back to this place

This wonderful place

One last request

Beseeching ...

Pleading with all my heart

To the Southern sky

Please ... let this solstice be my last

I feel my life has run its course

Please ...

I wait for the Southern sky to respond

And wait ... and wait ... and wait ...



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