Oobs! Excuse me!



How long was out, that time?

 I was prowling around on the bottom of the sea,

scouring and scrounging in the mud in front of me.

Just clowning around like a catfish should be,

and found mud clouds now abound to where I wish I could see.


 I upend my tail and open my mind.

Extending barbels to flail and going fine, although blind.

An appendage sends hail of a trail where I'd find

another delicious, giant snail on a scale of my kind...


 I follow my feelers..to a formed tail,..that's splayed?

A hollow at the cleavage and scales of the best grade?!

When my fin felt some skin, as my whiskers pervade...

it sinks into my chin, I've freshly frisked a miffed mermaid.


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