Power Of A Journey Into Cosmic Knowledge "Breaking" (Full-Circle Spiraling After Billions Of Years, Planet-Orbit-Enabling Gravity Waves Launch Life From Earthly Surf Into Human-Brain-Waved Comprehension Of Gravity Waves...See more @ bottom link)


A long way from home

this day into its end

by the moon & I 

and you

high tide. . .

the crashhiss of foam

for all these miles in the backrush to sea,

as much before

as behind me, completely true

to metaphoric form

a delicate crackle of big-bangs

an infinitesimal vastness

that (if one lets it) harangs

conception's urge, outdoes imagination itself

in our perfect storm of being here at all

this microfluttering oscillation of "consciousness"

with its quantum rise & fall

between two secret points of up & download

simultaneously, string-theory practiced by multiverse supercloud,

a fine line of tension, available to repurpose 

from the bloody fire of mere survival to the art of awareness itself

where a given lifetime can now pluck by dint of each heartbeat

the uniquely timbral silence from the note (tuned or not) of everything

we forgot, and STILL forget,  to remember

in gratitude, from sudden birth to ever-sudden death, poised 

in the mood to make known who we are each alone, if only glimpsed,

at least vividly, all we were, & meant to be--the paradox

of a glacial blur, event-horizoned, this urgently creative mortal

phase of space-time perception, the Face of the Deep: Faced.

Its prime feature presently a Cheshire Grin

of collective Relativity,

God-Particular Wave, and the old-school dust

of Gameskin--the chalk-clacking

blackboard host of future equations, code-break, disencryption:

up-close & comprehensively personal

to the everlasting Otherness

that surrounds Forever from Within.




GRAVITATIONAL WAVES EXPLAINED: http://www.phdcomics.com/comics.php?f=1853

CREATOR @ MOMENT OF ETERNAL TRUTH: First 12-D Cosmos Entering Multiverse: http://bit.ly/1KQZwXW

MAP OF THE MULTIVERSE (MacroAstroSplashtique Upload @10 Quintillion Light-Years Per Inch: http://bit.ly/1S72xVx







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