I think this verse speaks for itself.... but what's it saying? Anyone?




I've read of love and loneliness, of gain and loss and pain,

I've read of guns and burning decks, of sun and summer rain,

I've read of nearly everything important in our lives,

But food's under-represented, and I've never worked out why.


The Bard said nought of sustenance and Byron even less,

I've searched and searched and found a bit, and read it all, and yes,

I've found some beef and venison, I've found some roasted lamb,

I've even found some turtle soup, but not a hint of ham!


If ham were gone I'd miss it so, my thinly-sliced delight.

It truly makes life bearable. It's time to put that right!

For how'd we grace a sandwich, composed of cheese and bread,

Without a slice of juicy pink? We'd have tomatoes instead


Eggs on their own would disappoint, Pea soup would be a bore

Pineapple on a pizza base....need I mention more?

What would we roast with honey glaze? What would we boil and slice?

What would they do in Parma then? There's nothing half as nice!


And what of its derivatives? Of bacon, gammon too,

I'd miss them, oh I'd miss them! Admit it, so would you!

And what else would they process 'scientifically'?

To lurk for years in kitchen drawers, for some emergency.


  If t'wasn't for that jellied stuff that comes in little tins, 

  We'd need another word to call unwanted marketing!


© Marcus Brook 2017

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