The Water Dispensers Had Cups




That's odd, she thought,

The water dispensers had cups,

And the cloakroom attendants weren't fed up,

They were well fed from the well-priced,

Subsidised canteen grub,


And the security staff were good natured enough,

They didn't take out their low-paid hate

On the shop floor staff because they were paid

A living-wage just as they should,


She thought she'd entered a parallel universe -

An agency retail worker's dream -


Where it didn't matter that weren't enough lockers

Because the company knew how to pay their cleaners,

And the managers knew how to keep both their customers and workers,

And the supervisors actually handled their departments

With diplomacy, not style over substance,

And their supermarket chain didn't advertise an unpaid job for an artist

As if they're performing monkeys who pay their bills

With peanuts and good experience,


And most importantly a place where in the store's eyes -

The customer wasn't always right.


 Then she woke up.

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