Single parent



a short poem

  • Crystal baby girl if you could see what I see, I wouldn't want you too cos only I can be me,
  • want to sheild part of the world from your still my baby,
  • now dad's not hear I know my dear your heart is aching,
  • I do know how it feels when you scream at me you hate me,
  • you don't understand it now, one day you will my lady.
  • I just want to see you happy girls, smiles on your faces,
  • but I still have to try teach right from wrong, embrace this
  • We love you, me and your daddy do, this never was what I wanted to have put you through,
  • I wanna leave it all we can start a new, but lack of money is a prison, here has to do
  • Sad but we all have to learn to live the lonley road,

  • because when we day they say we die alone,

  • but the universe it connects us all,

  • please try be positive to cushion your fall

  • ..... and chloe, chloe chloe chloe, my sweetest dearest baby,

  • not always the sweetest, but I see your creative,

  • your your verry own person, so we definatley clash,

  • because swearing in society is frowned upon in class,

  • and in daily situations its seen as a sin to curse,

  • but if it releives your agrivation plenty more that could be worse.

  • I don't want to box you both up, want you both to be so free, but you think that I don't care, inside its killing me

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