Donald Trump is very clever.



Satirical political piece.

Donald trump is very clever.
You should all know this fact whether
You support him or
(Like those of us with intellect)
Reject his ranting rambling as nonsense,
He's not about to be accepted by the goodly folks of Mensa,
Or write books to change perceptions of the universe,
(Unless it's stating that the sun is just a lightbulb placed by communists and in fact we are revolving around him),
But he's a master of the media,
And, whilst loathed by academia,
Can keep all eyes on him,
Controlling the spin,
And ensure we're missing out
On those political assertions
And more liberal decisions
Made by Bernie and the guys stood to the left.
For as they try to move us forwards,
They're obscured by his inane words,
Being repeated,tweeted,posted in the press and here online.
He knows he'll never be elected,
And is mostly disrespected,
By real politicians
Trying to create a better world.
But he has money,
He has influence,
And lesser minds aspire to his vast arrogance,
In ignorance,
Not seeing the wider plan.
The biggest favour we can do him,
Is to stop the ceaseless quoting and requoting of the things we don't believe in,
And instead, make time to speak about our real beliefs instead.
We need to share our good ideas,
Promote the guys we WANT to win,
And watch him sadly crawl back to his lonely millions once again.


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