A poem about my daughter

this is a poem to my daughter, Cienna
whom I love beyond the skies,
those long eyelashes and innocent eyes,
a reminder that God hears my prayers.
tiny nose and full lips
positioned perfectly, brown smooth back
straight in triumph, laughter filled
by my joy in His wisdom.
I have built through faith,
and determination your courage endlessly.
in love,
you were presented to me,
and I will make sure you know
you are fearfully and wonderfully designed
by the one who lavishly lit the dark sky with diamonds.
your smile is the sun, a reflection of Him.
and I will remind you of this truth until you can testify,
because there will come a time when the sweet sound of your laughter
may soften from the noise of life, so I write this for abundance, joy, peace and confidence, for you, my blessing, my daughter Cienna, age 1, going on 21.

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