Beat poet Tony C elaborates on politicians and their promises...


While politicians make promises to

save or change the country

Everything’s crumbling all around us

And the prices keep going up.


They all pledge to create new jobs

fixing the infrastructure;

But those aren’t jobs for the

millions of unemployed.

If the work would ever materialize

it would go to the big contractors

with their heavy machinery.

Not workers with picks and shovels.


The personal debt crisis in America

is totally out of control.

We’re charged monthly for services

that at best should be once a year.

The bankers pay little or no interest

but we pay double digits on credit

Another form of enslavement

like taxes and fees and adjustments.


Our news is filtered to please the

advertisers and corporate sponsors

No one knows what’s really going on

except when a whistleblower comes forth

But the media is always quick to discredit them.

Meanwhile we pay for subscriptions

on media services that have commercials

They double dip us and we ask for more.


The planet’s weather is all screwed up.

It’s beyond the tipping point or what

reductions in emissions can solve.

Most don’t know that the government

messes with the weather modification

and we know what happens when you

mess with mother nature.

Climate change is happening now

and it’s only going to get much worse.


The widespread violence on the streets

keeps growing — as does the social unrest.

Already thousands of neighborhoods

across the country are unsafe — even deadly.

A warrior culture and militarized police

only exacerbate the problem

People have forgotten that peace is good thing.


The winner of the presidential election

will be the one who tells the most lies,

raises the most money, and suckers the

most people into believing they will make

everything better — like they always do.

People want to be led, to be lied to, 

and told that everything will be o.k.


The truth is, 2016 is the turning point

When the Earth’s climate goes beyond repair

When debts will be too high to ever pay off

When wars and violence will spread like disease

When the bridges, pipes and roads will collapse

When the cost of living becomes too high

When the lies outweigh the truth

When it becomes apparent that we are nothing

but slaves with overpriced smartphones and cars.


by Tony Caravan (BMI)


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