Poetic Seduction



I wrote this piece after dealing with a traumatic experience. It was my way of refusing to let that experience control the way I view sex and intimacy. It was also my way of articulating how personal my relationship with poetry was becoming. Healing & mocking the attempt to taint my views.

Poetry has seduced me

Kissed and caressed me

Given me the best foreplay ever

Teased me with its erection that seems to be timeless

It has made me so horny and driven me mad

But only now, after such a long time

It is slowly but surely penetrating me

It's not rushing, it's coming in slowly in its teasing way

It has assured me that this will be a life-changing experience 

Soon I will have the best, most poetic orgasm ever

I will climax and out of my wetness true passion will emerge and sweep me off my feet

Only then will I be in touch with my inner beat 


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