His no wife policy



Adopt a baby, toddler or teenager

Adopt a baby, toddler or teenager but tolerate no wife.

A proposal of not, a bended knee on platitudes of love but one of mutual cohabitation.

He gives out his heart, sliding down a sleeve, it ruptures and bleeds

These stitches, trembling hands unable to stop.

Father always says, he did his job with them. He clothed and double shoe’d himself.


Yet here they were, the father and the opposite of his daughter. Arguing,

In time, that adoption is another exciting leap for their family to encourage.

He tries not to contemplate anything but the stork bringing him any such natural offspring.

Belief in miracles are slapped out of them as a time-honored tradition among the realistic.

What does he want to do? Astronaut-not

What does he want to do? Neurosurgeon-not

What does he want to do? James Cameron-not

With quotes of the mundane thrust upon him.  

God’s hand is felt in wood with one final kick left in it.

No one would make him do it but he did, in good faith of Church modesty.

Chastity! She cries to the upside down ocean of Caribbean magnitude. White puffs are rare but they serve their purpose.   

No choice was left now when a hostile uterus doesn’t mean what it used to.

She clutches his hands and sobs right over it.

He promises to make this a night she will never forget.

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