The Rose



Written in memory of a beloved Aunt who helped me believe in myself

I picked a rose today,

It called out to me like a memory

With it's sweet scent and perfume

And I could not resist having it for my own.


It's aroma fills me with thoughts of you

How long have you been gone?

When I hold the bud near you are with me

Time turns back and you are here.


I close my eyes and think of the times we shared,

The laughter and the sorrow

These thoughts seem to real to be consigned to the past

Who decides what is now and what is yesterday?


I open my eyes and put the rose down

Yet it's scent and the memories linger on

You are here still, not a recollection but a part of me

You will never really leave my life.


I picked a rose today

It's scent brought you back to me

Not as a memory, for you are a part of all that I am

But as a reminder that to forget you is to forget myself.

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