En Pointe



The Struggle For Humanity

I lose perspective in
Deep Waters reflection
Unsure if I’m breathing

In or out as cryptic
Energies immerse my
Sensitivities with

High dynamic range
Images of people trapped
By isochronal behaviors

Which deploy affliction
Through want or ignorance
For there can be no

Other explanation why
Our children would be gassed
Into a torturous death

As the world cries
Foul over the savageness
We all conceived

For generations by
Accepting the notions of
Failed leaders who

Accomplished nothing
But advancing how we
Should be adversaries

Of each other to
Justify segregating us
Behind the vagueness

Of imaginary borders
Designed to delineate
We and Them

My Soul is en pointe
And supports me beyond
Ruinous overtures

Unveiling threads of
Love frantically suturing
What remains of Unity




Self-love is a distinct achievement of the Human Species and not a detached attribute of the individual. If any portion of the Human Species is in contradiction to Unconditional Love, each Human Being is proportionately deficient of self-love, due to the inter-connectedness of the Human Species. The advocacy or commission of hate, violence, enslavement, or bias by an individual (or group of people) produces a “void” or “black hole” within the structure of the Human Species. That impression of emptiness cannot selectively affect the collective, but is equally distributed within and felt by every Human Being, consciously or not. The expanse, depth, and severity of the “void” precisely correlate to the intensity of acts against Human Beings and the percentage of the Human Species participating in the negative forms of influence. This “black hole” is the place where Unconditional Love is impossible. No one is exempt from the consequences thereof.


The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor


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