Words with an endless loquacity..

It meant so much to me,

Your words with endless loquacity…

The barren leaves that summer spread

Were as feathery as my words unsaid

So twists that came as a meal to me

How could I choose when there wasn’t a need?

Those were just my own demands

Had there been a need to be!

I only gnarled for life this much

That everything meant just meaningless to me

But like I had a choice for freedom, something nearly ached my breath

My fears were only made out of myself

We sat and questioned who was wrong..?

The words only added to my qualms

These streets and lanes leer at the blank face I cannot conceal

An era of not knowing the weed that could heal..!

My remorse that I shared with the mirror of faith,

Kept breaking and demeaning; it held me a bait!

With yourselfers all around to prick my nerve

How can I then pledge to serve?

When you swallow your thoughts because you fear

There comes a tomorrow, when it gets all clear…


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