Leaves In The Wind



A poem about false affections, and ignoring those who whisper insincere words in your ear.


Like leaves in the wind
Are the affections of the opportunist
Neither here, there, nor anywhere
They fade like the morning mist

I neither seek the approval
Of the false or the insincere
Nor of those sad souls
Whose whispers tickle my ear

“Do this and do that
And we’ll applaud your every move”
But your words fall on deaf ears
For I have nothing left to prove

Like the ebb and flow
That brings the evening tide
Your words, like waves
Break on the shores of my life

But where they once found sand
And eroded the boundaries of trust
These waves now crash, divided
Split on rocks more noble and just

So, away with you fear-mongers
Architects of anxiety and distress
Let your tongues remain silent
Or feel my swift and sure redress

Leaves In The Wind © 2016 by Kris Peterson. All rights reserved.

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