Heaven's Blessing



I wrote this poem after my mother died 16 years ago, this is in memory of my beautiful mother


When we love someone our heart breaks

We learn so much from their passing and the

Memories come alive once again

Little things you forget

But the big things you remember

The house is too quiet

Not a peep from anyone

But a smell triggers a memory

And brings it all flooding back

But the best thought is

The Heavens Blessing

As our loved one opens heaven's gates

And takes their memories with them and your love

All the Blessings from Heaven is a celebration of a

New Life a new beginning

All at Heavens door our loved one misses us

And sends us their love in the most simplistic way

It may be a memory from so long ago

Or maybe something you lost and now hold so dear

Whatever they send you to tell you

They are all right is part of

God’s Heavenly Plan

Of answering all of your prayers

To tell you yes everything will be all right

Your loved one is here with God tonight

As Heavens Blessing is on hand tonight

Till you meet again and receive

God’s Heavenly Blessing

From Heavenly Above

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