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16/11/2016 A poem about seeing how pieces fit and applying them... just so.

I know this.

This thing about you

or that thing about the world

and how it applies

right here, right now.

I know this

and I can see that you do not.

I know this.

My heart is warm

and I give freely of my love,

my kindness, my insights.

I know this and I give it to you.

I can see you,

the real you,

the secret you

there in your eyes,

hidden behind all those layers

of LeaveMeAlone...


...all those storeys of other people's views

and all their misunderstandings

piling up on you like rubbish...


None of it can obscure my view,

and I know that just the right touch


will make all the difference

to you...

and you can change the world!


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