The Creation of Class Division



poverty created by greed

A life on the streets is a perilous existence

Augmented when dusk enters the fray

A different scenario unfolds

The atmosphere transforms

The air becomes toxic

Nocturnal creatures come out to play

Once human

Now poisoned by depravity and deprivation

Destitute and desperate

Foul and filthy

Inhibitions all but vanquished 

Human tragedy created by an uncaring planet

This is the new world

Where darkness and despair entwine

Squalor and hopelessness under scarce light

Comparable to scurrying vermin keeping to the shadows

Shuffling souls, mumbling without true words

Rags for clothes, purveyors of rancid smells

Searching dark alleys

Foraging for scraps of discarded food

Anything will do

Mouldy bread

Rotten meat

Soured milk

The instinct to survive

However futile their lives are

Black clouds are gathering

The poor getting poorer

The rich getting richer

Class division, an elitist creation

Mass murderers

No concern for others

However ... I sense change

Rippling on the horizon

Something is coming

Like the inauguration of a tornado

One day, in the not-too-distant future

Karma will seek its revenge

Those responsible will pay for their gluttonous exploits

And all hell will break loose


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