Vincent dear Vincent



In memory of one of my fav artists. I picked a book when i was 6 years old at school. Couldn't understand why he would cut his ear off?. I loved the book as a child. As i got older..I kind of understood more about the artist...his struggles 2



Vincent dear Vincent

Vincent dear Vincent
Can frustration
Make one crazy?
Can frustration
Make one mad?
Even through your 
dark days Vincent
within those dark hours
that came to hand
You somehow managed to still
Find your perfect colour
The hues of beauty
Mixed onto your palette tray.

They never really understood
your silent struggles 
that you had acquired

love for the poor

Your hidden desires

And what it just meant

Also the many tears that you cried

Upon your wooden bed

Not succumbing to the peoples lies

And what they said

You continued to Paint what you dreamt.

 Beyond those paintingo

f yours

Beyond those many letters to Theo
Beyond the lack of funds
that you may have endured 
there was something else
that you wanted us to see
the desire that you had
to accomplish many great things

To prove to yourself that you were not

Willing to give up so easily.




 Those thoughts that played heavy on your mind

You had to 
You had to Vincent

To bring them forth
and make them come out alive
To allow your paintings to speak
For themselves 

Words your mouth
May not have been able to utter

At that given time.

As you drew and sketched
you too admired the beauty of nature
all made by the hand
of Our loving Father Our Creator 

The Joy it bought to your soul
when you finished that completed picture,

The smile it must have bought 
one of your many greatest achievements

Finally bought to life

For us to admire.






  AS you battled with the sorrow 

of your heart
Hoping that one day your loneliness too will depart 
There was something special 
Some couldn’t see
further past the unkempt appearance

But there was this jewel,

that precious jewel entwined with love

Embedded deep inside of thee

It was through time and perseverance that made that jewel

To reach the very surface.




From the Sunflowers 
To the stars and the beautiful night sky
Painted in a most wonderful blue
It complements the warm glow
Of your perfect moon.
The Sower and to the
Potato Eaters,
The Church and some 
Peculiar people
Even you Vincent 
Even you
The paintings of you
Are interesting to see,
Vincent dear Vincent
Through all your hindrances 
Your personal frustration and pain
I'm glad  your artistic  gift somehow 

Made it through
and is still with us even today......



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