Of Leaves and Elephants



On the changing of the seasons from Autumn to Winter, with Spring far in the future.

The reds and golds of summer fade away 
replaced by grays and browns of cold.
Autumn leaves left hanging
applaud in the light breeze.

Crystal clear water no longer invites,
the surface a steely gray reflection
of the cloudy sky –
gloomy and foreboding.

Goldfish hover motionless as if
marionettes at rest, biding time
endlessly, day by day until
the solar warmth returns.

Plants are plunged to the bottom,
seated in the gloom of the deep,
avoiding the ice and snow
that will blanket the world.

Depression knocks, and lets itself in,
taking up residence for the duration,
huddled like an elephant
in the dingy corner.

The dullness of winter lingers
like an unwanted guest
barging in and quashing routine,
spring a lifetime away.

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