an inspirational, spiritual, venting poem

i love what I do,

i love my work,

though why all the drama, the hate,

the lack of work ethic? 

No one wants to work anymore, 

no one wants to be told what to do anymore,

I can't say I don't blame them, but someone has to be the boss, the leaders;

what happened to the structure, 

the discipline to be given,

holding someone, many accountable? 

What is this country becoming; 

so much hate for others, 

out for themselves, 

trying to get that bigger, better, house or car, more stuff...

thinking that it all will make them happier.

we try to like everyone and get along, 

because that's what we're supposed to do, 

and for the most part, I don't not like anyone, 

I may dislike something you do or how you live, but that doesn't mean i don't like you...

we don't have to agree with someone's life to love them, 

we may not even like them,

we don't even have to know them,

but we should love them, that's what God does, 

HE loves you, all of us, HE may not agree with us or like what we are doing, but HE still loves us, ALL of us. 


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