Heart of a rainbow




I shall paint you a picture

of my heart.

First, a base of red,

Red of many hues,

Brightest scarlet

For the heat of love,

For desire and want

And flesh.

Next a warm crimson,

For care and nurture

And concern.

Pink strokes now

For the lighter moments,

Pink of fairy floss

And little girls' tutus

For kisses and tackles

And gifts of kindness.

Bright yellows and oranges

For fun and laughter,

And surprises

Gold for special moments

Of skin on skin,

Face on face,

Warmest hugs and childbirth.

Gold, silver and platinum

For waking up next to you,

And seeing your smile,

And knowing I induced it.

Greys and browns

For tight money

And serious talks

About future and present and past.

Virgin white for hope.

Midnight for fear and hatred

and stabbing, taunting grief. 

And greens of every shade

For growth and health

And creativity.

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