It helps me to put feelings into words. At 25 years old a lot of people have passed that I have known and loved. I also love to write. If you like it please share share from my Facebook page (Kimberley Michelle Barr) if possible

So Hard, one that should be here hath passed, 
we felt their time would always last, 
like a shadow becoming overcast, 
hard to heal the grief and pain,
when missing repeats once again, 
or a vivid memory strains the brain, 
and when we think our tears ran dried, 
there's always another tear inside, 
please shed this tear and feel the pain,
and now it's time to heal again,
know that you gotta feel it to heal it,
life only deals the cards, so re-deal it,
better yet shuffle it, you can still determine a future, 
staying true to life only you can repute ya, 
people are many leaves from one tree, 
when one passes it leaves a hole empty,
but plants are totipotent you know, 
so when one thing passess anothers budding to grow,
fill this space not with mourning but with giving, 
what really counts are the people that are living

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