/ poetry


I feel you inside me
And I wrap you in my blanket.
Warm and cosseted
You know you are safe.
You know you are mine.
My smile tells the truth
I love you
I enjoy you
You are mine.


I see her
With her small child
So like mine
So like me.
She loves him,
Attends him,
Manages his needs.
She is a good mum.
And then
She does something
I would never do,
She leaves him
In the car
To return a trolley
To the bay.
So small
So simple.
Seems innocent.
She's only gone for
Twenty seconds...
But in that twenty;
One to open the door
Two to unbelt the child
One to smother his cry
Two more never to be seen again.
...and fourteen seconds later
She returns
To find her heart has been ripped out
And it can never be replaced.

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