Valentine escapade with my fun n' fine mermaid.



Tricky little vixen.


 Why would Poseidon makes mermaids alone?

I've just never seen one with a male chaperone.

Would they even keep company or are they so solo prone?

It could be they sing sweetly,lamenting  love, unknown 'til it's shown.


 I'm no Mer-master but, I've seen ways they be.

This old lure caster set many sweet scale tails free

Though wise to their wiles their shimmer still thrills to see

and surprised a fair, wild haired swimmer, whose silly spills show she likes me.


 This wonder from under, I've been growing to know

had a number of blunders being my sly, stalking shadow.

"The net mess" was a laugh fest and I'd bet she made it so.

I've witnessed "Siren Sadness" and it's cover for the fun lover that's below.

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