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Love took so much of my attention, 
that I haven't yet paid attention to you.
The love that never ends was mine to share,
and is mine to keep, without compare
unless the wielded like 
makes similes of life 
never known would otherwise be. 
The ears that understand 
I know
But the eyes of the understood
I know are still out there,
compelling me no longer but for the sake of a world
where less are blue as I am,
something they covet
for they are eased
too much by the red they know 
-- looking for something more
looking for something more than what they know
unable, some of them, to find it 
others unkeeping of having found it, 
for the journey far outweighs 
this thing called life
or, as so many mindless wield,
without understanding Realities.
are you red as you know
or does blue still mean something to you. 
The euphoria is yellow,
for it keeps me from the worlds deeper truths
as it only elevates me, alone
whether by word of shine, or inner light
it passes on others 
what could be sight.
Love, i
but the capital I
not the mistaken p
of little I's, misrepresented and under but never understood,
gobbled up like candies
made to order
not I's 
but peas,
only some of them human experience green.
I find the 6 of colors today
on my very table,
gifted to me by the god we all must know
the one that can be known in many ways 
comes to us in human vision,
sometimes passing through what we know
sometimes through what can be known. (1)
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