Memento Mori Part One



A brief confessional memoirs of sorts; coloured by my experiences and perceptions... between the barriers of life and death, existence from the physical to beyond. Featured in Little By Little out March 2017.

I daydream in colours and perish in my own self righteousness. I’ve consumed myself
by thoughtless words and actions. I’ve kissed the sweet lips of death, only to be pulled
back into the world of physical being by a force I cannot explain. I’ve touched the sky
and bathed in the crystal waters that lie beyond the world of the flesh.
Dim memories ignite emotions that I cannot begin to comprehend. My instincts are animalistic and
society attempts to curtail all that is me for fear of retribution and destruction of their self serving illusions.
I dream in colours and let the stars seduce my mind in ways that man never can. Their earnesty and honesty ricochet through me and captivate me in time in memorial. The gold of their consciousness is alluring and mind altering. I ache for its sweetness and the comfort it provides me with.

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